Acufit 2.1 Universal Glove

The Millennium Acufit 2.1 Universal Fitting Golf Glove.

MLG Acufit 2.1 Custom branded golf gloves(1)

The World’s First Universal Fit AND Dual Logo Custom Golf Glove.

ONE Glove That Fits ALL Golfers.


A myth just became a reality.

The Millennium Acufit 2.1 golf glove represents an Industry breakthrough in golf glove design

  • Universal fitting glove that will conform to each golfers hand (from sizes Small to XL).
  • Dual Logo possibility (meaning you can place 1 OR 2 Logos on each glove).
  • A permanent brand on the flap and a detachable branded ball marker on top of the hand.

Manufactured from only the absolute finest cabretta leather and premium Lycra, the Millennium Acufit 2.1 golf glove will be THE MOST COMFORTABLE GLOVE your client or participant will ever wear.

We 100% guarantee it.

NOTE: All Millennium gloves are designed and manufactured by the same manufacturers that produces for many of the most advertised & largest brand names in the world.

A Tale Of 2 Gloves.

An Unequalled Golf Promotional Product.

Millennium Logo Glove Acufit 2.1 custom golf glove(1)


A Memorable Golf Tournament Gift Item
( With Up To 2 Unique Logos).


Become A Golf Branding SUPERPOWER.

We are going to make a BOLD statement.

With 14 years experience in the golf branding industry, we know there is no other golf product in the golfing world that provides better branding value than providing a branded custom golf glove. (For a branding comparison click here)

Past Problem?

What size of glove do you need to provide your recipient?

What size do they take?

Impossible? NOT ANY MORE.

That Problem Is Now Solved.

Now you can present your client/ prospect/colleague with YOUR COMPANY’S world class quality branded golf glove and know that when the recipient slips your glove on, it will fit them like a glove.

The Act  2.1 will conform to 97% of golfers hands and will provide a perfect fit every time. XXL excluded.

We know what your thinking..

What about quality?

We hear it all the time.. ” I only wear a Title… glove or.. How does your glove compare to Foot…?”


Here we go with yet another another bold statement.

The Millennium Acufit 2.1 is comprised of the absolute finest cabretta leather and specially engineered Lycra to actually conform to each golfers hand uniquely… and in most cases will provide enhanced comfort and feel EVEN when compared to brand name Tour worn gloves.

The proof will be the comfort you feel when you slip the Acufit 2.1 on your hand for the first time.


100% Guaranteed.

Golf Tournament Gifting/ Fundraising.

All of Millennium’s glove models can be utilized as a hassle free golf tournament gift with our Millennium Tournament Glove Program.

However…With over 2000 golf tournaments under our belts, so many times we have had event planners ask us…

” We want our tournament logo on the glove…


we also want our glove sponsor’s logo on the glove as well.


For The First Time Ever… It is Now Possible.

2 logos elegantly positioned on 1 golf glove.

The Millennium Acufit 2.1 glove design offers a brilliant way to highlight the support your tournament has received from your sponsorship partner. Provide us with both your Tournament AND Sponsor’s logos and we will present you with one of the most elegant and useful gifts for your valued participants.

2 different logos elegantly paired on a world class quality golf glove.