Fundraising & Sponsorship

Offer a Millennium golf glove sponsorship package at your golf event.

Earn thousands of extra dollars at your event every year.

Since 2004, Millennium Logo Glove have been helping golf tournaments raise more money for their golf tournaments with our turn key golf tournament sponsorship packages. We will provide you with a “turnkey” way of increasing participant value AND making more money for your event.

Typically your Millennium glove sponsorship package will be one of the biggest fund raisers AND one of the easiest packages to sell to a sponsor… year after year.

How does the program work?

Millennium Logo Glove will provide you, the event planner with:

  1. Advertising wording to be able to offer your annual “glove sponsorship” package.
  2. We will provide you with a glove sample package to be able to show sponsors.
  3. We will provide you with a 1 Page : Why you should sponsor our event with your branded golf glove” sell sheet.

golf glove sponsorship page

Sample advertising copy

“Having just finished our 7th Annual Drive to Cure Diabetes golf outing, and giving our golfers your gloves for the fourth year, I just had to write to say “thank you” for having such a great product. I cannot tell you how many of our golfers, many of whom have attended all seven years, cannot wait to get their yearly logo glove! Even my husband was counting down the days until the package would arrive and he could get his glove.”
Kathi Kearney,
Drive To Cure Diabetes


Your Millennium sample kit

Why will a sponsor want to purchase your Millennium Glove sponsorship package?


  • Networking-Sponsor gets to sit at registration and individually meet each of your participants and shake their hand.
  • Advertising-Each participant is custom fit with the sponsors custom branded golf glove. Every time player marks their golf ball, they will be seeing and interacting with sponsors logo.
  • Frequency-Typical interaction with ball marker is 150+ times over life of glove.
CIEF Tournament Glove sponsor fitting a golfer AT REGISTRATION-c

The Sponsor

The player being fit


The above images are taken at a charity golf event where a Millennium glove sponsor is fitting the tournament players with their custom branded golf glove from Millennium Logo Glove.

Our Most Successful Sponsorship Success Story To Date.


Servpro is a disaster restoration company whose main clients are fire departments and fire department personnel.. In an effort to get in front of these people, Servpro sponsored many fire department golf tournaments…by providing a low priced tournament gift with their logo… With zero success.

After finding out about Millennium Logo Glove and our golf glove fitting program, they decided to invest a little bit more money and sponsor an event by fitting every participant of a local firefighter golf tournament with their Servpro custom branded golf glove.

They were able to shake hands with each individual and share with them their business… while fitting them with their Servpro golf glove. From the first tournament, the sponsor was able to make a contact and secure a $93,000 restoration contract within weeks after the golf tournament.

To read the full letter the client sent us click here.