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The Best Tournament Tee Gift For Your Participants… YOUR LOGO GLOVE.

Since 2004, Millennium Logo Glove have been providing our Millennium Tournament Glove Program to event planners all across the country. For 2014, we have some innovative new products and programs that we know will help you, the event planner provide a very memorable golf tournament gift for your participants.

For 2014, we have some very exciting new programs available, including our new Millennium Glove Sponsorship Program. If helpful, Millennium will assist you in attracting a sponsor for your glove program… for your tournament!

Sponsors are very interested in being able to hand fit every one of your participants with their logo golf glove for many reasons… and Millennium can “hold your hand” and help you find a sponsor to support your event with your logo glove program

FOr more information on the above and as well how Millennium Logo Glove can help you in attracting sponsorship dollars for your golf event, please contact Peter Ruzyski at 1-866-871-5837 ext 104 or email: pruzyski@millenniumlogoglove.com

Golfer being fit with Millennium Glove