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CUSTOM LOGO GOLF GLOVES- The most interactive tournament gift for participants?

For a golf tournament gift to be succesful, it must be:

A) A quality product ( of course).

B) Must have a high degree of marketing value.

C) Must be USED!

Since 2004, Millennium Logo Glove have been offering our prestigous line of custom logo golf gloves to Corporate/ Charity golf tournaments all across North America. Too often, our staff play in events and receive a tournament gift that is.. well a throwaway item in terms of quality or a type of product that appeals only to a small percentage of participants.

Millennium Logo Glove- Custom logo golf glove tournament image

Millennium Logo Glove- Custom logo golf glove tournament image

Give your players a tournament gift that they have a need for.. and that they will use… a custom logo golf glove! With the Millennium Tournament Glove Program all of your golfers are custom fit with their needed hand and size of glove… ZERO sizing issues and Zero gloves left over. For more information on our logo golf gloves, please call peter Ruzyski at 1-866-871-5837 ext 104 or email: