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A Custom Golf Glove Sponsorship Package For Your Golf Tournament.

How would you like a surefire way to add an extra $1000.00 or more to your tournaments bottom line?

Let us introduce you to the Millennium Logo Glove complete turnkey Charity Golf Tournament Sponsorship Package.

All golfers need and use a golf glove.. and for most golfers they have never seen a custom logo golf glove. Now, you can offer a potential sponsor your custom golf glove sponsorship package.

Consider: With this sponsorship package, you can offer to have your sponsor to come to your tournament, stand behind their golf glove fitting table, and hand fit each of your participants with THEIR custom logo golf glove!

We dont want to sound too confident of ourselves, HOWEVER, there is no better value that a sponsor can receive than by shaking hands with each participant and have each participant wear their golf glove all summer, AND…. mark their golf ball over 200+ times with the Millennium detachable magnetic ball marker!

ASAE Glove Fitting

Actual glove fitting at The ASAE Golf Tournament in Atlanta 2013.

Millennium Logo Glove can also provide you, the event planner, with tools to be able to attract a sponsor for your Millennium Tournament Glove Program… Golfers love receiving a fresh custom golf glove… A Custom Logo Golf Glove should be part of your golf tournament every year.


For more information on our tournament tee gift programs and sponsorship packages, please call Millernnium Logo Glove at 1-866-871-5837 ext 104 or email: