Be different. Always be different.

If you want your charity golf tournament to stand out and be attractive to sponsors , you need to come up with new concepts and ideas. Re-using old jaded sponsorship ideas doesn’t cut it anymore. Your potential golf tournament sponsors are being asked by other golf tournaments to sponsor holes as well as other traditional sponsorship offerings. While these are still necessary, you need other opportunities for sponsorship that will differentiate your tournament from the rest.

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Charity golf tournaments offer local businesses excellent opportunities to reach their target audience in an informal and relaxed environment… and IN PERSON. As a golf event planner, it is excellent practice to search for sponsorship opportunities that will increase your tournaments bottom line while providing unique and enhanced opportunities for your potential sponsors to engage your participants.  Millennium Logo Glove have been working with golf tournaments for over a decade now… with incredible success. Adding a golf glove sponsorship package to your list of offerings will be seen as unique and offer great value to your potential golf tournament sponsor.

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