Your Golf Tournament’s Sponsorship Packages.

Be different. Always be different.

If you want your event to stand out and be attractive to sponsors then you need to come up with new concepts and ideas. Re-using old jaded sponsorship ideas doesn’t cut it anymore. Your potential sponsors are being asked by other golf tournaments to sponsor holes as well as other traditional sponsorship offerings, and by offering the “same old” sponsorship opportunities you greatly reduce your chances of success.

While these are still necessary, you need other UNIQUE opportunities for sponsorship that will differentiate your tournament from the rest.

Charity golf tournaments offer local businesses excellent opportunities to reach their target audience in an informal and relaxed environment… and IN PERSON. As a golf event planner, it is an imperative practice to search for and offer sponsorship opportunities that will increase your tournaments bottom line while at the same time providing unique and enhanced opportunities for your potential sponsors to engage your participants.


Your greatest tournament asset are your players… and your sponsors are willing to pay for the opportunity to engage them.

Sponsors appreciate the branding opportunities that signage and swag offer, but being able to talk directly with their target market is the most coveted benefit your sponsorship packages can offer. Your custom branded golf glove sponsorship package will provide your sponsor that very opportunity.

Furthermore, if the custom golf glove sponsor’s product or service is truly relevant to your community, your players will appreciate the chance to learn about the vendor and their offerings in a setting in which they’re primed & open to making connections.

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