Custom Golf Gloves- What You Need To Know Before Making A Decision For Your Golf Tournament.

Quality. Quality. Quality.

A custom golf glove is an incredibly intimate golf accessory, especially for medium to highly skilled golfers. Don’t make the mistake of buying golf gloves from a company that does not specialize in custom branded golf gloves. With the internet, it is easy to source sub standard products from questionable manufacturers and promote to unsuspecting consumers.

Millennium Logo Glove receive emails every day from all over the world from ” golf glove manufacturers” that promise to deliver the best quality gloves in the world. These claims are never true. There are 2 primary countries where the best quality gloves are manufactured…

Glove size consistency, leather quality, and manufacturing experience are all critical when it comes to providing a premium, consistent quality golf glove. To this end, our staff visit and inspect our manufacturers in person.. to make sure that what we are being promised… is delivered.

Indonesia 2015- Leather Inspection

Millennium Logo Glove Factory Visit 2015

The skill and craftsmanship required to produce form fitting and soft feeling golf gloves is incredible. If you are going to be utilizing a custom branded golf glove as a tournament gift or promotional gift item, make sure you do your homework. For any questions regarding the above please call Peter Ruzyski at 1-866-871-5837 ext 104 or email:

To date we have been involved in helping with over 2000 custom golf tournament clients.