Does Your Golf Tournament Have A Custom Branded
Golf Glove Sponsorship Program?


Imagine the following…

For every year you have your golf tournament….

What if we said

“Here’s 144 custom branded golf gloves to give to your players

AND…(here’s the best part)

Here’s a check for $2000.00″

(could be more or less, depending on tournament).


An Easy To Implement Golf Glove Sponsorship “Plug In” For Your Golf Tournament.


  • All of your players receive the added thrill of  receiving a world class quality custom branded golf glove… custom fit.
  • Your tournament makes more money. Guaranteed.
  • Your sponsor gets to meet each of your players, shakes hands and fits each player with their custom branded golf glove.

This is a picture taken at a recent golf tournament. On the left is the sponsor meeting the player and fitting him with her company’s custom branded golf glove. >>>


  • Millennium Logo Glove Will Provide You With:

    • A sample prospectus– How to offer your golf glove sponsorship ( and what to say)
    • Benefit sheet– Why your sponsor should jump at the opportunity to sponsor your program. (A sheet you can literally email to your prospective sponsor)
    • How much to charge for your glove sponsorship program.
    • Free golf glove samples– all custom branded with your prospective sponsors logos.

<<< Another player being fit with the sponsors glove.

What To Do Next.

Go to our Sample Order web page (Click Here)  and fill in your tournament information…

It takes less than 60 seconds.

We will send you:

  •  A full sample golf glove kit,
  •  Product Catalog
  •  All literature needed to very easily attract a sponsor for your golf glove program
  •  We will also send you a download link where you can access all sponsorship documents on line.


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