A golf tournament welcome gift that does everything you need it to

And has been proven at over 2500 golf tournaments over the last 10 years


Order the perfect golf tournament gift for your players… In less than 5 minutes

A fresh and elegant world class quality custom branded golf glove for each player.

All of your players welcomed to your event and custom fit with their own glove.

Player smiles and kudos are included

Size Does Matter. Except, not to you.

We will custom fit each of your players with his or her premium custom branded golf glove..
⦁ Every player ( male or female) will be fit perfectly… you don’t need to guess at what sizes to order.
Repeat: No need to concern yourself with sizing.
⦁ You will have ZERO gloves left over at end of tournament.

Are you busy with your never ending list of tournament moving parts.…
let us look after all of the details… its what we do.
No tipping required. ( Unless you insist.. And you might.)


Convenient. Effortless. Time saving.

Some of the comments we have received from event planners after participating in the Millennium Golf Glove Tournament program. We eliminate all the fitting hassles and the stomach churning work of guessing at sizes needed and the overbuying that results in wasted and left over product collecting dust in your office closet.
Your tournament’s custom branded golf glove gift will be cherished by your player and will be worn with pride for months or years after your event has concluded.

100% efficient. All golfers custom fit with your golf glove.
Zero overbuying & no size guessing. Guaranteed.


Ordering your golf gloves for your players takes less than 5 minutes of your valued time.
This is how Millennium Tournament Glove Program works:

  1. Choose which glove model you would like.
  2. Provide us your tournament date.
  3. How many players do you expect?
  4. Approximate breakdown of male vs female players.
  5. Supply us with your logo.

And just like that, your job is done!
Approximately 1 week before your golf tournament your Millennium tournament glove program will arrive. We ship you 50% more gloves than you require for fitting purposes. Gloves arrive in our specially designed fitting trays for ease of fitting.

Greet each player at registration and custom fit them with the perfect fitting glove.

Once all players receive their glove, simply pack up the extra gloves and return them to millennium… (With the UPS label we provide).

Its really that simple

To order the Millennium Tournament Glove Program for your golf tournament

Please call us at 1-866-871-5837 ext 104 or email:


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